Alysha Chavon Conner

Scared To Speak So I Write, LLC

Words From the Editor

A writer's job is to not only write for themselves, but to write so that readers can channel their own thoughts and emotions into a writer's work. "So I Write" is my challenge to readers, to reflect upon their life's journey and truly discover their 'So I...'. I want readers to reflect on the events that brought them to their current position in life. Essentially honing in on their truths, I want readers to feel empowered to truly pursue living out their life desires. "So I Write" is my personal desire for readers to know, that the sky is the limit in relevance to accessing their dreams. 

  As an African-American woman and writer, my mission is to produce content about stimulating and impactful news, feature stories, and events in relations to entertainment lifestyle. Through interviews and event attendance, I will give voice to topic(s) often overlooked or misconstrued. Utilizing my platform as a writer, along with the platforms of individuals whom I conduct interviews with, will essentially be stories used to educate life lessons and motivations. What good is the knowledge & wisdom learned, if we do not hone in on it and pay it forward?

Read and reflect as share my "So I Write" journey...

With love and blessings,

Alysha C. Conner

Scared To Speak