Words From the Editor

"So I Write" is my challenge to readers, to reflect upon their life's journey, and truly discover his or her 'So I ...' statement. How writing creates a source of joy and purpose in my life, I want readers to feel empowered to seek and live out his or her purpose as well.

Through my writing, my prayer is that others will also feel inspired to truly pursue his or her dreams. My goal as a writer is to produce content about stimulating feature stories and impactful news.

Utilizing my platform as a writer, I aspire to write stories that will be motivational and/or tell life lessons. In all the work that I produce, my overall goal is to always be able to pay it forward.

So, read and reflect as I share my "So I Write" journey ...

With love and blessings,

Alysha C. Conner

So I Write