From the city of high hopes

Fast living, slow burning, steady chasing

The streets, the money, the game

I left my heart in LA

The love I had just wasn’t the same

My love for LA is…

As deep as nigga’s love is for the streets

As deep as their love is for everyone woman they meet

As deep as summer bullets in LA

Click clack, click clack

Watch your back

The lights

Have a way deceiving the eyes

I’m from Los Scandalous

Where the city, people, & dreams

Are birthed from a concrete of lies

Listen, Pac said it best

All he ever did was spit what was on his chest

& That’s real

He told us…

“Ain’t no love, no mercy, & no friends

All you got is yourself in the end”

& That these streets are cold

But it’s still bros over hoes

Niggas dying over the code

Locked up till they old

Old, alone, & tired

Don’t you ever get tired of pretending?

Or maybe you’ve said enough lies to convince yourself

That your character is measured by your wealth

But is your soul rich?

Only true goals is fucking the next bitch

I fucking left my heart in LA

But I’ll be back to get its pieces

I left to find something real

While niggas just flex Swap Meet Jesus pieces

Hanging out with the same fake homies

In the streets doing the same dumb shit

‘A hunnit days, a hunnit nights’

Rest in peace to all the innocent lives

& They wonder why one time never treats us right

It’s an internal war we’re trying to fight

You can’t get to where you want to go,

without appreciating where you’ve once been.

Once was my everything,

but has now become nothing more then a distant friend.

I’ll always love LA

I’m a product of it,

& I turned out okay…

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