“Scared 2 Speak, So I Write”

Scared to speak, so I write

Dare to live out your dreams

While changing a life

Bound deep, inside the White wall

Lies my abandoned soul

Trapped safely, in Black darkness

Full with empty words…


So I’ll keep writing until I suffocate

I’ll keep writing until my people straight

I’ll keep writing until,

until my words fill this emptiness of this existence

we call life.

“To make the change from the odd whispering,

‘I want to be White’…

Hidden in the aspirations of my people

To why should I be White?

I am a Negro and beautiful!”

No shade to the racist

But wait, I’m getting to ahead of myself

Let me get back to the basics

A, B, C…c…c…

Hold on

Let me put my glasses on so maybe I can see

See past the fucked up morals

& bullshit that goes on in today’s society

Especially how niggas only looking for the titties and ass

Instead of a queen with class

Man I hate calling my niggas, niggas

“When they are just caterpillars

Prisoners to the streets that conceived them

So If I respect you,

We unify and stop the enemy from killing us”

But my nigga YG making millions “My Nigga, My Nigga”

Ain’t no need to be so serious

New slaves…

I just want a Man

That is as much King

As I am Queen!

But until then…

It’s just me and my pen

& with it I will crush you

You could never survive a day in my hood

Shout out to the WEST!

Rest in peace to Pac

Long live the rose that grew from the block

Try living within the blue lines

Hustling by making a rhyme

I’m just a young Black queen trying to look out for my kind

But I’m a rare breed that’s slowly dying

“Anyone can take everything from you,

but no one can take your education.

Anyone…can take…everything from you.

But no one can take your education!

So why are we still waiting?”

Waiting for the Malcolm X’s, Maya Angelou’s,

Rosa Park’s, Obama’s…

How many tears do I have to see?

Because a son being buried to early by his mama?

2017 and I’m still waiting to live out MLK’s dream!

But I refuse to let it be a dream deferred



Black America!

Black nail polish

Black car

Black shoes

Black bag

Black lives matter

Black is not just a color

It is a lifestyle….

This is not a poem

This is a declaration

I am not a writer

I am a visionary for this generation


Allow me to reintroduce myself

Scared to speak, so I write.

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