“2020 GODDAMN”

“2020 Goddamn”

Written By: Alysha Conner

Minneapolis made me lose my rest

The government got me so upset

But “A system can’t fail those it was never built to protect”

COVID ain’t the only reason Black people thinking, “Will I be next?” 

2020 GODDAMN!!!

“Can’t you see it

Can’t you feel it

It’s all in the air

I can’t stand the pressure much longer

Somebody say a prayer”

I can’t breathe 

We all suffering from years of inequality

Of the America Dream fallacy

Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome

We’re all victims

2020 GODDAMN!!!

Presidential Twitter fingers exposing expired truths 

School-to-prison pipeline got us losing to many of our youth

It’s all just a form of slavery & these systems are the new lynching noose 

& they‘re questioning how we’re still able to reap the fruits

You may kill the body but the spirit will always reproduce 


Welcome to America

The land where we still ain’t free

And majority of my people locked up in a cage

The land where the rich get richer 

While we fighting to get unemployment, EBT, and Medicaid 

Reasons why kids turn to the streets to get paid 


“The Hate U Give Little Infants Fucks” 

The prodigal son & daughter that the streets made 

But just remember a rose birthed from the cracks of the concrete can still grow

You just gotta learn how to adapt

Stay 10 toes down and never fold 

Schools, streets, & social media can’t teach you everything you need to know 

Keep God first and He’ll get you where you want to go

“When They See Us”

“One Child Left Behind”

The truth will always comes to light in due time 

2020 GODDAMN!!!

I’m just trying to change lives 

Help the youth survive   

God removed the scales from my eyes

Told me I got opportunities to provide for my tribe

You‘re not ready for the call 

If you’re not prepared to deep dive

& surrendered to God as he takes you for a ride 

& run with endurance to keep your dreams alive 

It isn’t on you, it’s inside

“God Will Rise”

The revolution will be televised…

2020 GODDAMN!!!

The solitude built me into the Kingdom Woman God intended for me to be 

My only focus now is leading a legacy

Learned how to leverage the bad hand that was dealt to me 

Stayed the course through troubled seas


God gave me a vision that nobody else could see

So I’m not jeopardizing my calling for conformity 

It’s lonely at the top,

But it’s also drama free

Ain’t too many real ones left with that ‘Mamba Mentality’

The city still don’t feel the same without Nip & Kobe

2020 GODDAMN!!!

Just, “Listen for instruction and be wise” 

Because there’s more to this than meets the eye 

They’ll hand you all the tools for your demise 

Judgement Day is coming

“God Will Rise”

The revolution will be televised…


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