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“Cluttered Soul”

God bless the cluttered soul

That wanders aimlessly with no place to go

But in the pain she found a road

Less traveled by & no one even knows

She doesn’t just live

She thrives

Demobilized, she keeps her head held high

Her beautiful smile, suppressing 1,000 cries

& like Maya Angelou

“Still I Rise”

People say they down for you

But their “support” remains on the sidelines

M.I.A. during my struggle

But always seem to come back around just on time

To see me pick myself back up

With God’s help

‘Cause that’s just enough

To continue to grind, shine, & turn out just fine

“The Black woman is the most unprotected, unloved woman on Earth.

She is the only flower on Earth, that grows unwatered.”


By the harsh realities that surround her

“This too shall pass…”

Making moves with a leg cast

But quitting is not an option

Sleepless nights, early mornings, solitude, exhaustion

& “Still I Rise”

A beautiful rose

Grown from the cracks of ‘Lost Angeles’

Say my name

Allowing God

To order my steps & remaining faithful

Say my name

But to them…it’s all just a game

Treating every woman the same…at the same time

Say my name


Far from weak & don’t you ever forget it

Now you’re looking for all my qualities in the next chick

But baby I’m 1 of a kind

So you might as well just quit

God bless the cluttered soul

That wanders aimlessly down her own road

But ain’t hard to find

Just a ‘Lost Angel’ flying blind

A willing vessel & cluttered soul

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