K CAMP & DJ GENIUS Talks New RARE Sounds Studio in South Atlanta

By Alysha Conner | Metro Atlanta Black 

Atlanta-based rapper K Camp has successfully transitioned himself as an artist into the CEO of his musical empire. He designed RARE Sound as a hub in 2017, to develop, support, and collaborate with creatives through various entertainment mediums. He went on to successfully establish Rare Sound into a record label, in collaboration with Interscope Records and Empire Distribution. Camp persisted in leveraging his newly found independence, by co-founding the brand-new Rare Sounds Studio complex as an expansion of the Rare Sound imprint.

Speaking about his previous and current business ventures, Camp shared, “I had my own LLC since 2007, way before I even popped I had my label. This is still 427 Music, but the umbrella is Rare Sound. We’ve just been able to evolve into a new and bigger brand. So, this has all already been in the works. This has been on the to-do list for about two and a half years. We’ve been working out of the house for so long, and we wanted to expand the label and businesses.”

K CAMP Inside the Rare Sounds Studio (Courtesy/Rare Sound)

“We searched for a space, and we found the perfect space. It’s all coming together as it should. It’s like a dream come true. We’re competing with other Atlanta studios like Street Execs Studios, So So Def Recordings, and Grand Hustle Studios. Now we’re in the conversation with the big dogs of the city. So, we’re officially big dogs now. That’s a blessing within itself. Especially when everybody counted me out.”

Alongside Camp is his business partner DJ Genius, a Jamaica-born and Atlanta-bred disc jockey. Genius serves as the operations manager at Rare Sound and CEO of Mixtape Monopoly, which he founded himself in 2012. Mixtape Monopoly primarily operates as an urban digital distribution, marketing, and management firm for artists and DJs. He has become one of the most sought after music curator in the Atlanta hip hop scene consecutively putting out iconic full collections with features from 2 Chainz, Migos, Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka Flame, and Scotty ATL.

Genius Inside the Rare Sounds Studio (Courtesy/Rare Sound)

To further build the Rare Sound label, they signed True Story Gee as their first recording artist in 2017. They also enlisted a team of in-house producers comprised of Bobby Kritical, Big Fruit, Flair Fifth, Beat Attikz, and Musik MajorX. On October 7, 2019, the Rare Sound team hosted the official launch party for their new Rare Sounds Studio in South Atlanta. Several media outlets, public figures, fans, friends, and family members filled the studio for the Rare Sound celebratory event.

Commenting on the initial launch and intentions for the new Rare Sounds Studio, Genius said, “It was about 500 to 700 people outside of the studio. It was so crazy to see the overwhelming support that we got from the city — just being young entrepreneurs opening a new spot and having so many people wanting to come through and support felt great. There were so many faces. Folks couldn’t even get in. it made us feel like we were moving in the right direction, seeing that type of support.”

Rare Sounds Studio Launch Party (Courtesy/Rare Sound)

“Our purpose for creating the studio was so that we can have an environment where we can foster creatives. We wanted to make it so everyone can come in and work. Now that we have the studio, musicians can create more music, and producers can produce more music. It’s also an open work area for managers or someone who is on the business side. We have rooms and offices they can come to work in. If you’re a creative that does photos or videos, we have a space for you to make content too. We really wanted to make it an all-in-one creative zone, where everybody can mesh and create magic.”

Rare Sounds Studio is located in the heart of downtown Atlanta. The 5,000 square foot studio complex comes equipped with two recording studios, an infinity wall and green screen area for photos and filming, a lounge area, a kitchenette, and several office spaces. It also features a radio station studio, which currently functions as the accredited host site for Stationhead South. Camp and Genius strategically partnered with Stationhead to help expand the Brooklyn, NY based social radio platform startup.

K Camp and Genius At the Rare Sounds Studio Launch Party (Courtesy/Rare Sound)

Further disclosing the details behind their partnership with Stationhead, Genius stated, “I knew about Stationhead for a while. I was in NY, and a meeting was set up between their head of operations and I. They talked about their expansion and everything they were doing. Then I told them about everything Camp and I had going on with the studio, and everything we were trying to create. They thought it was a perfect match. They wanted to expand, and we had a building. So, we thought it was the perfect connection.”

Rare Sounds Studio is expected to develop into a music co-working space in the future so that other people can create music and facilitate their business endeavors. Artists and labels that are not associated with the Rare Sound imprint will be able to access the studio, upon acquiring membership. A standard annual or monthly membership fee will be required for anyone that would like to utilize the facility. However, the team is adamant about preserving the Rare Sound ambiance in the studio’s vicinity.

“We’re trying to maintain a certain vibe in here. Our Rare vibe, you know. So, we’re open to recording with certain labels and artists we feel that mesh with our vibe. In the future, we are going to market it as a music co-working space. If you’re trying to run your music business and you need a few studio hours, you need a creative space to do your music videos or a place to have meetings; you can use this as co-working space, where you can get access per week for your business,” Genius explained.

Rare Sound Team (Courtesy/Rare Sound)

In addition to the studio, Rare Sound will also be releasing new music projects like Camp’s highly anticipated K.I.S.S. 5 album, initiating new artists to their team, as well as orchestrating community-based events in Atlanta. Since 2014, Camp and his family have been notorious for delivering their annual Campsgiving benefit concert and celebrity basketball game for the Thanksgiving holiday. They founded the Campsgiving Foundation, Inc. to help foster stronger communities by impacting lives daily.

Admission for the event is free. Attendees must bring toiletries, toys, or gently used clothing so that the items can be donated to local Atlanta shelters. Donations will serve as gifts for the Christmas holiday. In previous years, the affair has successfully given more than 15,000 pounds of food, clothes, toiletries, and toys from over 2,000 attendees. Special surprise guests like Migos, Jeezy, Bossie, and many more have performed in the past. For more information about this year’s Campsgiving charity event, or updates regarding Rare Sound upcoming work, visit their website https://www.raresound.co.

In his attempt to continue his marathon and uphold the legacy of Nip Hussle the Great, Camp professed, “This is just the beginning. We still have a lot of work today. The sky is past the limit for me. I feel like I can do anything in the world. When I first got into the game, Nip was showing major love. Everything he was doing was inspiring.

“I remember when we recorded “Between Us” in his studio, he had a whole bookshelf full of books. It didn’t make sense to me at the time because I never read books. Then two years, I started reading. He had a board that said ‘wants’ and ‘needs’ on the whiteboard. I just felt like my boy had his priorities in order at an early stage in his career. Just seeing that as a rapper coming in was inspiring to watch. So, I wanted to tap in early and do the same. The marathon definitely continues.”

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