Still working...

I’ve been broke


Name thrown through dirt

I had to grind on one leg

& act like I wasn’t even hurt

I was chosen for this hustle

It was his will at birth

He left it up to me to figure out my worth

Forgiveness, focus, fear

Once you learn to conquer all three

You’ll finally feel free

Your Scarz become your Starz

Shinning clarity so you finally see

It’s only God who will supply your every need

He turned up the heat

Pressure makes diamonds

Entrepreneur & I’m only 23

Wade in the water little soldier

Be still & keep your eyes on the dream

& even though you’re fed up

You gotta keep your head up

See it through & act on your gut

It’s the game of life

But my words are my weapon

I don’t need no knife

You can call me queen pin

Loyal queen to my pen

Like we’re husband and wife

Be careful of the company you choose

Especially a person who has nothing to lose

I was once lost but now I’m found

I got something to prove

God wouldn’t have shown me what he can do

‘Cause even through the mess I was blessed

I got humbled to my knees

Confessed the sins of my chest

& I know where I’ve been

So I know I’m headed towards to my best

& only God can judge me

A’int to comparison to the rest

With God’s glory

I’ll always get what’s for me

This a’int just a story

I’ve been 10 toes down

I’m up next

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