TheBlackManCan, Inc. brings first-ever Daddy Does Hair Too event to Atlanta hair show

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Brandon Frame, founder and chief visionary officer of TheBlackManCan, Inc. (TBMC), will be hosting the organization’s first Daddy Does Hair Too event at the 22nd annual Taliah Waajid World Natural Hair Show on April 27th, at The Georgia International Convention Center. TBMC currently functions as an award-winning non-profit organization dedicated to educating, inspiring, and celebrating men and boys of color.

“We’re going to have about 10 fathers on stage, and they’re going to be receiving instructions from a hairstylist on how to dohairstyles for their daughters. All of the daddy-daughter duos are going to receive $200 worth of hair care products to take home with them. After, we’re going to hear from the dads and the girls about what their experience was like, and if they enjoyed it. We’re also going to film it and be able to go live,” declared Frame.    

Daddy Does Hair Too was coined from TBMC organization’s longing to provide opportunities that promote and showcase Black men thriving as fathers. Further clarifying the creation of the hair show event, Frame said, “Over the years we’ve been focused on connecting boys to mentors in order to build brotherhood. So we thought if we’re thinking about impacting Black men and Black families, we need to also focus on the tough point of fatherhood. There’s this movie and book coming out about this dad doing his daughter’s hair. It’s one of those things that happen frequently, but the narrative is never told.”

TBMC went on to post on their media sites about the lack of portrayal of Black fathers styling their daughter’s hair. Several people supported their post by submitting videos of Black fathers doing so.

“People started posting in the comments that they wished they had a space to learn to do hair. So I made the observation that dads were looking for an opportunity to have that bonding experience to do their daughter’s hair. We’re really grateful to have established an event to do that,” explained Frame.

Taliah Waajid, owner of the renowned brand of natural hair products, as well as Uncle Jimmy Products, a well-known natural hair care brand for men, reside as the sponsors for the Daddy Does Hair Too Atlanta hair show.

Frame found it necessary to bring Daddy Does Hair Too to the city where he ultimately birthed TBMC idea. Though he was born and raised in Hartford, CT by a supportive and influential family, Frame associates much of his success to his time spent as a student at Morehouse College. While a student at Morehouse, Frame was able to hone in on his calling to fulfill a purpose in business, youthmentoring, and philanthropy. He graduated from Morehouse in 2009 then proceeded to create TBMC a year later.  

“While I was in college, I would hear my fellow Morehouse brothers talk about their dreams and their goals to start a mentoring program on the Eastside of Atlanta, at Charles R. Drew Charter School. It made me realize that I had a passion and purpose for the intersection of business and education. Through Morehouse, my brothers, and the mentor program, I realized that in order for men of color to see positive images of themselves they need to have their stories told. So I followed through on that obligation, and created TheBlackManCan in April of 2010,” revealed Frame.  

“TheBlackManCan essentially was born out of Atlanta. The first time we did TheBlackManCan Awards Live we did it in Atlanta. The first summit we had, before what it is now, we did in Atlanta. Almost everything that we ever first did that has become apart of TheBlackManCan we have launched in Atlanta. So we wanted to continue with that trend. Atlanta is kind of the birthplace of TheBlackManCan. Atlanta is also the home to Black excellence and Black opulence, so we wanted to continue to be a part of what that looks like in Atlanta,” further expressed Frame.

TBMC was initially launched as a blog in 2010. The blog’s mission was to change and control the negative stereotypes of Black men and boys by providing positive narratives. In 2017, the platform was established as a 501(c)(3) organization.

“In the good book, it says, ‘The steps of a righteous man are ordered by the Lord.’ When I started TheBlackManCan, I started it as a blog. So when you start a blog the obvious domain would be .com, but .com wasn’t available. Only .org was available. That’s because we’re now a non-profit organization and a digital media platform. God knew that it was going to grow into something that would be, where we would impact communities by telling stories online, and we would have curated events and programs that would impact Black boys and men,” expressed Frame.  

Other programs and events presented by TBMC include TBMC Institute, Building A Better Brother Summit, My First Tie Experience, Power Couple Brunch, TBMC Annual Awards Show, as well as a continuation of their digital media campaigns to unveil positive and relatable Black narratives. Of the many events offered by TBMC organization, their prime initiative thus far has been to grow theBuilding A Better Brother Summit, which they have now successfully conducted over 16 summits across the country.

Recently, Frame has been on a book tour to promote his latest children’s book called “My First Tie,” that he co-authored with Tanae Denean Eskridge, a Los Angeles, CA-based author educator. “My First Tie” was published this past February as the second book to Denean’s children’s book series, “The Adventures Of Coach & Little Dell.” Frame and Denean partnered together to illustrate the importance of diversity, honesty, maturity, and self respect through a child’s point of view. The story details a young boy’s experience of picture day at school and wanting to dress up just like his dad.

On April 26, Frame will be teaming up with Streetz 94.5’s Ferrari Simmons to host a “My First Tie” book reading in Atlanta. FathersIncorporated will also be sponsoring a book signing at the Andrew and Walter Young Family YMCA later in the day.

“Part of the book tour is that all of the cities we go to we also visit schools read to students, and provide them with ties. We designed a scavenger hunt around the book that kids get to do at the schools. We also play pin the tie on Dell, using a cut-out picture of Dell, for a prize,” detailed Frame.

TBMC Institute predominantly operates out of New York City, NY, where Frame presently resides. Currently, the organization is comprised of over 200 mentors who have strived to impact over 3,500 young men nationwide, with also possessing a strong following internationally. The mentors avidly work to assist mentees in several communities such as Atlanta, GA, New York City, NY, St. Louis, MO, Memphis, TN, Charlotte, NC, Hartford, CT, etc. Celebrities and media platforms like Tichina Arnold, Sister Circle, and BET Her have endorsed Frame and all his work involved with TBMC.

Explaining what ultimately led to the transformation of TMBC from just a business into a non-profit, Frame stated, “In 2013 I interviewed 200 men who were doing really amazing things in the community. I thought, ‘How can I bring these men to boys?’ So then I built this network of all the guys I interviewed. With that came creating TheBlackManCan Institute, which is now called Building A Better Brother Summit. Having all these men that I’ve networked with to come to the summit, has allowed us to become a social enterprise. Then people started to say that they wanted to support our work, and so that was the catalyst to creating a non-profit.”

Future goals for TBMC include obtaining a standalone location, launching its newest #BlackMenWinningWednesdays initiative, releasing a second children’s book, expanding Daddy Does Hair Too nationwide, increase the number of volunteers for TBMC, and acquiring additional funding to carry out their work.

Tickets to attend the Daddy Does Hair Too event at the Taliah Waajid World Natural Hair Show range from approximately $10 to $30. Information about upcoming TBMC events can be found on their social media platforms and website,

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