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Welcome the ‘Annenberg Cross-Cultural Association’ to USC

ACCA Founder, USC Annenberg Professor Miki Turner
ACCA Founder, USC Annenberg Professor Miki Turner

By Alysha Conner | Annenberg Media 


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Miki Turner, a photojournalism professor at USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, recently created a new organization for students of color. The name of it is Annenberg Cross-Cultural Association (ACCA). She came up with the idea for the group after reading several postings on the Black at USC Instagram page.

Since the creation of the IG, former and current Black Trojans have anonymously shared testimonials about their grievances as students. Furthermore, over 500 Black students have revealed their truths and brought awareness to the longstanding history of racial microaggressions on campus.

Professor Turner wanted to create a larger platform for students to continue speaking out. That is when she essentially had a light-bulb moment to start ACCA. The organization is designed as a safe environment for students of color to discuss their grievances as a collective. In addition, Professor Turner’s goal is to have ACCA build a sense of camaraderie and cultural understanding within Annenberg.

In this episode, Alysha Conner talks to Professor Turner and Annenberg Black students about their views of Black at USC and hopes for ACCA.

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